Support for Caregivers



Supportive Therapy for Caregivers

couple-rendaring“There are 4 kinds of people……You have either been a caregiver,
You are a caregiver,
You will be a caregiver,
Or someone will care for you.”  

-Roslyn Carter-

In one area of my practice I concentrate on caregivers, often in midlife, a population at the front line who are caring for ill, elderly or frail loved ones. The role of caregiver can be even more complex when it coincides with  working and caring for children.

I work with individuals couples and families depending on the circumstance of the elderly  or sick loved one and  who is involved in the day to day and overall care of the loved one. Being in psychotherapy together with a spouse or sibling can protect family alliances and draw boundaries and practical ways of sharing the work to be done around the caregiving avoiding resentments later.

Why is therapy so important for Caregivers?

The potential costs to adult children or others who are the primary caregivers for  ill or frail loved ones encompass not only issues of depression and detriments to psychological well-being, but also can have adverse effects  on physical health. The burden experienced by caregivers  may be increased when caregiving strains are accompanied by high levels of family conflict and stress.

Thankfully, a smaller but growing body of research has called attention to the positive, growth promoting aspects of caregiving. I work with caregivers to find meaning in the role, and a sense of purpose. The experience of being in therapy at this time can potentially provide the caregiver with a sense of support, personal affirmation and can provide opportunity for personal growth.

How do we reach you if we want to use your services ?

Please feel free to call me at 917-362-3933 or email me at if you have any further questions about the potential of working with me alone or with family around caregiving considerations.