Psychoanalysis in today’s world


In 2016  I completed post doctoral training and earned certification in comprehensive Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis. The addition of this modality to my masters and doctoral  social work  education  has been transformative for me personally and professionally.

Psychoanalysis today looks very different than the classic images depicted in the early 1900’s of Sigmund Freud and a patient facing away from him on a couch. Psychoanalysis today is a more inclusive knowledge base and practice that has grown beyond the theories identified by Freud.  In today’s psychoanalysis, I see patients face to face and use my psychoanalytic training to focus on unconscious factors in everyday life. The idea is to uncover what is felt and known but may not yet be formulated into words and is done so through the therapy.

Building on Freud’s work, Wilfred Bion, a psychoanalyst in the late 1950’s professed that to think difficult thoughts it is optimal to have another person to grapple with these together with you.  It is just this concept that is  rooted in why psychoanalytically focused psychotherapy, also known as the talking cure, works.

In this kind of treatment you can learn  more about what you”re not consciously aware you’re doing and less on what you are acting out in your life ( sometimes out of habit.) Treatment allows  attention to be paid to your life history only in as much as it is dictating your life now. Insight is gained by learning how one’s past shapes our  participation in the here and now.

But, gaining insight and knowing more about yourself is only the first step.   Real change or coming back to center after a trauma  is a deeply felt shift and experience. With attention to the mind body connection healing does not come from outside oneself but rather from the inside out. When people feel more emotionally well balanced they are more able to affect real change in their life.

Your journey towards greater fulfillment begins with a single step. Please call or email  for an appointment and we can take that step together. I can be reached at or text/call me at 917-362-3933.