freud-waiting-roomWhere did you train to get certification in  Comprehensive Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis ?

I am a graduate of the 4 year adult program in  Comprehensive Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP)  in NYC.   The training Program in Psychoanalysis integrates didactic, supervisory, and clinical components with an intensive psychoanalytic experience. Candidates receive a solid grounding in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and upon, completion of the program, are prepared to encounter, evaluate, and assimilate new developments in the broader field of psychotherapy.

Where did you complete your Masters and Doctoral degree education?

In 2001, I earned my Masters of Social work at the Fordham University school of Social Work .  My masters education was focused on clinical social work practice with individuals and families and included sensitivities to cultural and ethnic differences. I completed my  PhD  in Social Work and Social Welfare at the Yeshiva University Wurzweiler School of Social Work (2005-2009.) The doctoral program’s objective is to further the education of professionals  in social work practice, education and social policy. Practice and policy issues, both historical and contemporary are explored within the context of current and past practice experiences.  My doctoral research focused on midlife women’s well-being and culminated in my dissertation work entitled “The baby boomers meet menopause: Attitudes and roles.” My research has been published in such journals as Health and Social Work , sex roles, Gerontological social work and Maturatas.  My years of masters and doctoral study in social work has provided me with the ability to understand the relationship between theory and practice, knowledge and action.

What  other experience do you bring to your work?

I believe my work is enhanced by my  role as an educator and particularly as an adjunct professor at the Touro Graduate School for Social work. Teaching students just entering the field of mental health is more than just ‘paying it forward’ but makes me better with each student that comes my way. In the process of  listening, challenging, encouraging and guiding younger professionals in their work with clients I become a better and sharp clinician.

On a personal note I have had a rich and diverse personal life experience  that grounds me in a humanistic approach to therapy with adults of many ages and stages in their journey. I understand about life’s hard knocks and have deep compassion for universal life transitions and stages of development.   People sometimes do not want to know a whole lot about their therapist, or want to decide when and how much they know at their own pace. For that reason, I am writing very little here. I am happy to answer any questions by phone, via email, or in person. You can reach me at jrstr@me.com or by phone/text at 917-362-3933.